The beautiful Hotel Skovly near Rønne on Bornholm is perfect for angling – in the nearby lakes or in the Baltic sea.

125 meters from Hotel Skovly, you will find the Baltic Sea, with sea trout just waiting to be caught by you!

The small stream Blykobbe Å winds through the hotel grounds towards the Baltic Sea a mere 125 meters from the hotel and every spring we experience the Baltic salmon swimming up from the sea towards the spawning grounds further up the stream. At our bridge, you can experience “salmon jumping” where the salmon fight the current.

Fishing in all of the nearby five lakes is free and only requires a purchase of the national Danish angling license.

Below you can download brochures about angling at Hotel Skovly and about the five nearby lakes.

Free Angling

On Bornholm angling is permitted in the municipal lakes. Of these, the following are the most interesting:

  • Skovly Pond on Hotel Skovly’s premises: A small pond where you can catch bream and perch. The pond is accessible from all sides.
  • Safir Lake 280 metres from Hotel Skovly: Pike and perch plus a multitude of other species e.g. carps. If you have a boat you can use it here.
  • Pyrit Lake 800 metres from Hotel Skovly: The largest and deepest lake in the area with crystal clear water so you can watch when the fish takes the lure. Boats can be used here.
  • Smaragd Lake 900 metres from Hotel Skovly: Has a varied stock of different species such as pike, perch and sea trout.
  • Rubin Lake 3 kilometres from Hotel Skovly: has a very fine stock of large pike and perch. Has steep slopes and may depending on the season be difficult to approach.

Saltwater fishing is possible from the hotel’s beach and at Sorthat Odde, 400 metres from the hotel.

The reef at Sorthat Odde is often home to heavy fish waiting to be caught. Southwesterly winds are the absolute best weather conditions for this spot, as the small bay is filled up with small fish and crustaceans the larger species feed on.

Catches beyond five kilos are not unusual.