The Beautiful Beaches at Hotel Skovly on Bornholm

The Beach

The most beautiful beaches on Bornholm you will find at Hotel Skovly near Rønne. Only 125 metres from Hotel Skovly we have the finest sandy beach and the clearest water on the island. It is an excellent beach both for swimming or just lazing in the sand and the sun.

Even though it may at times be windy you can always find a calm spot.

Blykobbe Å – The stream that runs through the hotels large garden meets The Baltic Sea on the beach and in the season you can experience how the sea trouts are struggling to swim upstream from the sea towards their spawnings grounds further up the stream.

If you wish to bring hot coffee, a couple of local beers or even a bottle of bubbles, please do not hesitate to seek assistance from the reception.

Our favourite time at the beach is in the light Scandinavian summer evenings. Bring one of the small portable grills you can borrow at the reception, a couple of local specialities and a cold Svaneke-Pils from the local brewery. It is the perfect setup to enjoy the sundown with your loved one(s).

Nudist beach

Should you wish to skinny-dip just walk 400 metres along the beach towards Rønne and past the two large boulders on the shore you will find the unofficial nudist beach where you can enjoy the cool clear water without swimwear.

Download our brochure about the beaches