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Café and free bbq at Hotel Skovly


Outdoor serving

During the reception's opening hours, you have the opportunity to enjoy our café's delicacies.


We serve a variety of good cakes, different kinds of coffee and tea, and also have a small selection of toasts and paninis.

We can also offer a cool Skovly beer, a glass of rosé or a cold Bornholmermost.


Coffee & cake stop

If you fancy a late breakfast, we have our home-baked buns, cheese, jam and other delicious things.

If you are on two wheels, a coffee stop - or cake stop is a necessity - and if you need a treat for your back pocket - yes, we can do that too!

We are looking forward to welcome you.


Large barbecue area

We have built a large barbecue area, purchased 6 WEBER gas grills and set up a cozy covered area where you can be your own chef.

We put crockery, cutlery, oils and spices out andalso does the dishes.
You just have to be the chef!

We also provide the gas for the grills!

This service is exclusive to hotel guests!


Free herbs

You will find various herbs in the self-watering pots, which you are welcome to use in your cooking. 

We have set up a small outdoor kitchen with a sink and water, so that your vegetables can be rinsed and washed.

After November 1, the kitchen is available by appointment. 

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