Only 125 meters from Hotel Skovly you will find the Baltic Sea - with its wild sea trout and large salmon bass.

Blykobbe-å, which runs through our hotel area, has an outlet in the Baltic Sea, 125 meters from the hotel. There is a protection zone of 500 meters on each side of the outlet - this protection zone is valid all year .....

Bagge-å, which flows from Smaragdsøen, 900 meters from Hotel Skovly, has the same protection zone.

But otherwise, just get started - they are all waiting for you!

At the bottom of the page you can see a video from "Fangstgaranti" - which visited us in 2019.


Fishing license:
You should always have a fishing license when fishing. If you are under 18 or over 65, it is free to fish in the sea around Bornholm. You do not need fishing licenses for the following lakes: Skovly Lake, Sapphire Lake and Lake Pyrite.

Special Bornholm protection rules

When you want to fish on Bornholm, you must be aware of some special Bornholm rules: The sea trout is protected in a colored state from 16 September to 28 (29) February.


There is year-round protection in a belt of 500 meters on each side of bla. the following rivers: Blykobbeå (Skovly river) and Baggeå (Sorthat river)


On Bornholm you can fish without a special fishing license in the municipal lakes.

Skovlysøen on the grounds of Hotel Skovly: A small cozy lake where you can catch shells and perch. The lake is located on our land, and can be attacked from many sides.
Sapphire Lake 280 meters from Hotel Skovly: Pike and perch as well as a wealth of peace fish, such as carp. If you have a boat with you, it can be used here!
Lake Pyrite 800 meters from Hotel Skovly: The largest and deepest lake. Crystal clear water where you can really see when the fish is chopping. Pike, perch and peace fish can be caught. If you have a boat with you, it can be used here!
Emerald Lake 900 meters from Hotel Skovly: The lake has a varied fish stock of pike, perch and sea trout.


One of our very good partners is the local Outdoor store Sports-dres in Rønne only 3 km from Hotel Skovly. They carry everything you just need! They have an incredible knowledge of fishing spots on Bornholm, what gear you should use and under what conditions.

In the autumn of 2018, the shop owner, Jesper Schiøtt, in collaboration with TV2 / Bornholm, made a number of broadcasts about the different types of fishing you can practice on Bornholm. Watch "Helt i fisk" on TV2 Bornholm Play. Jesper Schiøtt also owns our local Ørredesø, just outside Rønne.
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