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The changing area at Hotel Skovly is for you who want to protect your bike.

You can wash it after the trip, adjust it before the trip or service it.

You will find water and buckets and air for both valves.

The air pump is switched on between 10.00 and 18.00.

Puslepladsen Gravelbike.heic


If you get on your mountain bike, gravel bike or road bike, you are most welcome to use the changing area, where you also have the opportunity to rest your legs .....!

At the reception you can buy yourself a cold beer or water, a cup of coffee and a piece of homemade cake - or a little candy - so you are ready to either jump in the shower - or drive on.

Værktøj og guf.jpg


At the reception you also have the opportunity to borrow some tools, just find the spare part you are missing - chain link, hose, patchwork, tubeless liquid, bacon strips, CO2 cartridges and so on.

Our receptionists are not mechanics - so please be a little self-reliant ...!


Pleasant coffee stop!

We have our small cozy café where you can buy various cakes, coffee, juice, beer, wine and water - Parisian toast, panini. We also have different energy tam-tams that you can take in your back pocket for your next trip...!

You can enjoy it on one of our large terraces - or enjoy it in our cozy restaurant. 

We love cyclists - so just keep your cycling shoes on - and finally bring your bike in.....!


Locked bicycle parking

When you as a guest at our hotel have brought your second-girlfriend's property - you must also be sure that you get the bike home again.

We have room for about 60 bikes behind lock and key - but you are of course also welcome to take your cleaned bike with you to the room - there is room for it!

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