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Questions and answers

When is there check-in and check-out?

We have check-in from 15:00 and check-out
at 10.30.
But talk to the reception if you have special wishes - maybe it will work out!


Questions and answers

Do you have charging stations for electric cars?

We are in negotiations with both E-on and Clever to find a sensible solution.

We will return to the matter when we know more!


Questions and answers

Can bicycles be rented at the hotel?

Yes, we have both mountain bikes and touring bikes for rent.

We can not reserve the bikes in advance!

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Questions and answers

What is the difference between Standard and Premium Rooms?

The premium room is twice as large, has a large sofa bed, refrigerator, coffee facility, larger wardrobes. We recommend Premium rooms for longer stays.

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Questions and answers

Is there a cozy café at Hotel Skovly?

Yes, during our opening hours we have a small cozy cafe that serves coffee, cake, our own beer and soft drinks.

The café is open when our reception is open. You can sit inside - or outside.

Bike Gears

Questions and answers

Road cycling - Do you have a good link to it?

Yep - you visit the website about road cycling on Bornholm - where you will also find routes and more.


Spørgsmål og svar

A gift card - can I buy it as a gift...?

Yes - we sell many gift cards - gift cards for stays, for surprises in the room and for full or partial payment for stays.

See more here!


Questions and answers

Is there free coffee during my stay?

Yes - during the reception's opening hours you can have free coffee / tea - and there is also a free coffee arrangement in your hotel room !

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Questions and answers

When is breakfast served?


Breakfast is served daily between 08.00 and 10.00.

Early breakfast can be arranged in the form of a breakfast box.
See more here!


Questions and answers

How far is it to the beach?

125 meters from the hotel you will find a lovely sandy beach.
A short path through the forest leads you to it.

There is also a naturist beach in the area.


Questions and answers

How do I get from the ferry to the hotel?

Bus line 1 runs from
Rønne harbor.

You have to get off at the stop "SAHARA" - and walk about 500 meters through the forest to the hotel.

See the route here!


Questions and answers

Is there a locked bicycle parking?  

Yes We have room for about 30 bikes, behind lock and key!

You are also welcome to have the cleaned bike in the room!

Professionel cyklist

Questions and answers

I'm for mountain biking - where can I get info?

You visit this website about mountain biking on Bornholm where you will find the cool mtb tracks


Questions and answers

Cycling holiday with the kids ...? where can i get info?

You visit the website about cycling holidays on Bornholm , a page that shows you the beauty of having a cycling holiday on Bornholm


Questions and answers

Coffee stop - cake stop? What can you recommend?

We have put together a small selection of the coffee stops we ourselves use when we are wheeling.See more about our selection by clicking here!
We do not earn anything from this service!


Questions and answers

I have another question - what do I do?

You call 5695 0784 or writes to

and then we will answer you!


Questions and answers

Is there free parking close to the rooms?

We have a large and free parking close to all the rooms.
In several of the rooms you can park right outside.



Questions and answers

Can I bring my doggy?

Yes, cute and friendly dogs are allowed to stay overnight at Hotel Skovly. We just need to know that in advance.
We even have 2 Icelandic sheepdogs running around!


Questions and answers

Is there internet at
Hotel Skovly?

Yes, we have broadband from Bornfiber at 1.000/1.000 Mbit. We have 6 hotspots - so you can move around on all 22,000 m2 and be online at the same time.


Questions and answers

Can I buy a surprise - waiting in the room for my girlfriend and me ..?

Yes, we have different cozy packages that you can order. We just need to know 3 days before arrival.

Click here for more ...!


Questions and answers

I'm also into gravel - 
what do I do?

You visit the website about gravel on Bornholm where you will find everything you need to know about the wonderful experiences on the good gravel ....


Questions and answers

I'm looking for activities for my Bornholm holiday...!

Then visit our activities page.

Click this link!

or visit


Questions and answers

Is there daily cleaning of our hotel room?

Yes and no - we do not automatically clean your room EVERY day - but you decide !

See more here!

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