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Hiking at Hotel Skovly


The lakes at Skovly

The 4 beautiful lakes at Hotel Skovly must be experienced. Sapphire Lake is only 250 meters from Hotel Skovly.

They all came about because man dug for coal or clay. Safirsøen, Pyritsøen, Smaragdsøen and Rubinsøen.

A beautiful hike of 6-15 km depending on how many lakes you visit.  

At the reception you can pick up a brochure on the trip.
A small film from Safirsøen.


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Tour of Skovly

Cross the bridge in Skovly's backyard - 75 meters towards the beach - take the wide path towards Rønne - go left towards Haslevej - again left towards Kulvejen and find the secret path along the river to Hotel Skovly - down to Safirsøen - around the lake - of the path back to Hotel Skovly ... A beautiful and wonderful walk of 5 km.

At the reception you can get a small brochure with a map of this cozy hike.




One of our own favorite trips in the local area. The trip is through a beautiful fissure valley - not so long - but just beautiful and very Bornholm ....!  

How to find the valley:

Drive to Kirkedalsvej 25 in Rutsker - where you can park behind a machine length.

You can also start at the opposite end of the valley by parking at Simblegårdsvej 24.



Denmark's 3rd largest waterfall - a cozy waterfall. Park by Vang harbor - walk along the sea until you hear Pissebækken - go up the stairs - walk through Finnedalen towards Hammershus and back. A nice trip of 12 km.

You can buy one of the good sandwiches in the kiosk at Hammerhavn - bring it on the trip and eat it with a view of Sweden.


A small film from Pissebækken. 


Jernbanen Kleven

The disused railway (1913-1953) from Rø to Klemensker is worth an experience. The hike takes you via the bottom of a fissure valley through an absolutely wonderful piece of Bornholm.

Start your trip on Jernbanevej in Klemensker at the disused depot - and walk along lakes and cliffs to Rø - take a detour on the road and experience Rø plantation.  

The trip from Klemensker to Rø and back is about 15 km.




A beautiful fissure valley - where the railway Rønne-Allinge ran.

Start your trip at Solvej in Allinge and walk on the disused railway. Take the stairs down into the valley and experience the beautiful nature and the rippling streams.

Your turn goes up the railway again - at the "crossroads" you go via a field road to the disused quarry. Same way back to your starting point. The trip is about 3 km.




From the kiosk at Jons Kapel, you walk along the field towards the sea.


At the top, overlooking the Baltic Sea, go right towards Blåskinsdalen. The valley got its name due to the blue anemones that bloom in the spring.

When you come out of Blåskinsdalen, take the field road to the right and you end up at your starting position.

The trip is approx. 3 km.




Smukke 7 km i en hel utrolig natur - Hammerknuden rundt...!

Vi plejer at starte turen fra parkeringspladsen ved Sandvig strand - og så gå op mod fyrtårnet - og så ned mod Hammer Havn - for derefter at tage stigningen op til Opalsøen og "hjem" via Hammersøen.


Har du din vovse med, vil den elske denne tur.
Du må påregne et ujævnt terræn.

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